RG Decor


WE KNOW RUGS! We started out as just a rug store and have evolved into so much more.

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW! Many rug manufactures are now selling online against us and try to make you think you are getting the best price. They even say they can ship for FREE. THAT’S SIMPLY NOT TRUE! Online sales must list at what is called IMAP or “Internet Minimum Advertised Price.” Someone is still paying for shipping and it’s not the online website. IT’S YOU!

We have been in the rug business since 1981 and the pricing we receive allows us almost every time to beat those online prices.
1. We can most times get you a better price.
2. We receive and prep the rug for delivery. If there is a problem the companies immediately make it right because of our large volume.
3. You get to see samples and feel the rug before you order.

Take a look online at all the choices and then stop in and let's get the prefect rug for your home or office!

Customers tell us all the time I saw this rug online and your cheaper. Let us make you a believer today.