Decorating a living room


The Living Room. It’s the room where you tell guests “make yourself at home”. It’s the room where you snuggle up on the sofa with some hot chocolate on a crisp winter day. While it may be freezing outside, your living room feels cozy, warm, and comfortable. All the while feeling like an extension of you or your personality. This is the end goal when decorating or designing a living room space, isn’t it?


Here are a few key things to remember when redecorating or designing your living room space.


  1. Area Rugs

Think of your room as a blank canvas. This is easier if you are in a new build situation or just moving into a new home, but if you are just trying to freshen up your living room space this tip works as well.


Imagine your room empty. Then think from the ground up. Area rugs can be a challenge to get right in your room. Size is key! You don’t want a rug that’s too small for your living room space or doesn’t fit with the flow of your furniture. When an area rug is too small it can make a space feel disjointed.


  1. Colors

A pop of color on either an accent wall or in the entire room is a great way to add character to your room while keeping the room comfortable. But choosing the right paint color to choose the color scheme of the room can be difficult.


Start with a color you love, whether it be an accent pillow or a paint swatch, and build from that foundation.


  1. Furniture

Insider tip, if you are shopping around for new furniture, hire an interior designer to help pick upholstery that goes with the style you’re looking for. Here at RG Decor, that’s what we excel at. So, if you know anyone looking for an interior designer to help them or create the right look and feel for their new space. Click the link below. (Now that we got that shameless plug out of the way.)

More often than not, a lot of people will put a sofa against the wall with a chair or two and call it a day. But the size and orientation of furniture can make a dramatic impact on the room. Again, it’s super helpful to have an interior designer guide you through this process.


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